Emergency Guidelines

Please note that if you go ahead with a repair that is NOT AN EMERGENCY the owner is NOT obliged to pay for any expenses incurred.

You may be faced with an emergency situation at the property. An emergency is defined as something that may harm someone, or may cause damage to a property if left unattended; this also includes broken windows that breach the security of the property. Our Staff does try to be available most of the time, but we can only guarantee to be contacted during normal office hours. Therefore if you are faced with an emergency situation, and are unable to contact us, we have prepared this information to assist as far as possible.

You should be aware that should any state of disrepair or damage to the property be caused by you, other family members or visitors to the property, you will be held responsible for all costs incurred as a result of such actions.

Break-ins and Broken Windows

Contact the Police and report Break-in, obtain a police report number. If you don’t supply us with this report number, the cost of all repairs will be yours. 131444

Report all damages to VL Property Partners as soon as possible.

In an emergency please call Westview Glass on all hours number: 0438 894 016 ask the Glazier to send reports and accounts directly to VL Property partners.

If the glass breakage is not due to a break in but to yours or your family or visitors actions, they you must settle all accounts directly to the Glazier.

Hot Water System

Please first check that the pilot light is on, particularly in windy weather. All Hot Water systems are ordered during office hours, so please wait until the office is open, we will order repairs straight away.

Gas / Plumbing Issues

Please call immediately - Unique Plumbing and Gas 0431 830 373.

Electrical Issues

Synergy – power failures and outages: 131351

IMPORTANT: Should the power cut out, please disconnect all appliances inside and outside of the property re-set the safety switch then, re-connect one appliance at a time, if the power stays on after each new appliance is connected continue to re-connect all appliances. If the power cuts out again after connecting an appliance, this appliance will be the cause of the problem and must NOT be used again. If an electrician is called, and the fault is found to be one of your own appliances, as the fault is not with the property, you will be charged for the Electricians account.

If there is still a problem after completing the above procedures, please call TagSafe Electrical on 0426 839 078.

Lost keys or House keys locked inside

You will be responsible for this account directly, we can recommend; Diamond Lock and Key on 9344 1965 or Advanced Lock and Key on 9409 4440

Severe Storm Damage

Please call State Emergency Services on 1300 130 039.

Please note that if you go ahead with a repair that is NOT AN EMERGENCY the owner is NOT obliged to pay for any expenses incurred.

General Emergency Numbers

Police Attendance 131444

Gas problems outside of the property - Alinta Gas 13 13 52

Electrical problems outside of the property - Synergy 13 13 51

Water leaks the street side of the Meter – Water Corporation 13 30 75

Emergency Ambulance – St John’s Ambulance 13 11 26

Fire – FESA 9323 9300

Fire and Emergency Services - 1300 130 039

VL Property Partners

Anytime: 0400 740 225 

Email: | PO Box 680, Innaloo WA 6918